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FiXs Pre-Enrollment

Hello and welcome to the Pre-Registration site of the Federation for Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems (FiXs).


Identity Verification

  Two (2) forms of government-issued Photo Identification.
  • Each must be valid and current. Examples include passport, driver's license, and government-issued photo identity card or badge. Both forms of identification must match exactly and contain the full legal first and last name (i.e., no initials, nicknames, abbreviations, married vs. maiden name discrepancies, etc.)

  Proof of Citizenship
  • Non-US Citizens must submit a valid and current passport from their country of Citizenship (or Nationality)
  • US citizens may submit one of the following original documents as Proof of Nationality: US Passport, birth certificate, Certificate of Naturalization, Certificates of Citizenship, FS-240 Consular Report, or DS-1350 Certification or Report of Birth.

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